Operational Support

I am a highly alert and responsible aviation operations manager with vast experience in international airport, commercial, business and general aviation operations. 

Areas of Expertise

Airport Operational Planning

Airport & Air Traffic Flow Management

Slot Co-Ordination

Flight Scheduling & Planning

Flight Dispatch & Flight Following

Meteorological Analysis

ICAO, EASA & CAA Aviation Regulatory Compliance

General Aviation Operations


I am a qualified CPL/IR pilot and flying instructor with a vast range of experience in the air and on the ground, I can assist with the practical flying as well as the operations involved with aviation.

Hours Flown
Takeoffs & Landings


Flying Instruction

Aircraft Ferrying Tasks

Aircraft Engineering Testing

Safety Pilot Duties

Aircraft Familiarisation

Flight Planning

Operational Support


UK CAA CPL(A), UK CAA IR(A), UK CAA FI(A), Night Rating, Tailwheel, Complex Aircraft & G1000 Differences Training

Aircraft Types Flown

Piper PA28 (P28A/R)
Robin DR200/400
Cessna 172
Piper PA38
Grob 115D/115E & 109B
Maule M7
Piper PA18 & PA34
Diamond DA40

Some of my recent flying

Just so you know

Any help, advice or support I offer you is totally independent based on my knowledge, qualifications and experience. I aim to give you honest, unofficial help in order to assist your progress within the aviation industry.