Operational Support

I am a highly alert and responsible aviation operations manager with vast experience in international airport, commercial, business and general aviation operations. 

Areas of Expertise

Airport Operational Planning

Airport & Air Traffic Flow Management

Slot Co-Ordination

Flight Scheduling & Planning

Flight Dispatch & Flight Following

Meteorological Analysis

ICAO, EASA & CAA Aviation Regulatory Compliance

General Aviation Operations


I am a qualified CPL/IR pilot and flying instructor with a vast range of experience in the air and on the ground, I can assist with the practical flying as well as the operations involved with aviation.

Hours Flown
Takeoffs & Landings


Flying Instruction

Aircraft Ferrying Tasks

Aircraft Engineering Testing

Safety Pilot Duties

Aircraft Familiarisation

Flight Planning

Operational Support


UK CAA CPL(A), UK CAA IR(A), UK CAA FI(A), Night Rating, Tailwheel & G1000 Differences Training

Aircraft Types Flown

Piper PA28 (P28A/R)
Robin DR200/400
Cessna 172
Piper PA38
Grob 115D/115E & 109B
Maule M7
Piper PA18 & PA34
Diamond DA40

Some of my recent flying

Just so you know

Any help, advice or support I offer you is totally independent based on my knowledge, qualifications and experience. I aim to give you honest, unofficial help in order to assist your progress within the aviation industry.