George Coe – experienced commercial pilot and flying instructor, with extensive knowledge of aviation & airport operations, promoting opportunities for future aviators.

Operational Support

I am competent in airport management & operations, flight scheduling & planning, flight dispatch, flight following, meteorological analysis and compliance with EASA & ICAO regulations.


With years of training and experience in the aviation industry, I can teach and refresh flying practices, perform safety pilot duties, aircraft ferrying, post-flight duties and more.

Future Coe-Pilots

I have only been able to get where I am today due to advice and support from others. I can offer my knowledge about flight training courses, guidance on scholarships and more.

Let's talk!

If you require any aviation expertise, or need any advice or support on your aviation journey, I’d love to hear from you.

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    Just so you know...

    Any help, advice or support I offer you is totally independent based on my knowledge, qualifications and experience. I aim to give you honest, unofficial help in order to assist your progress within the aviation industry.